Harisienne jure
Harisienne jure
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Harisienne jure

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To the feeling of excitement! A luxurious jelly containing elastin!

Among the beauty food brand "Harigennes" that is particular about the high-grade feeling that has never been seen, "Harigennes Jure" is positioned at the highest peak. The elastic ingredient "Elastin" which is in the spotlight as a beauty ingredient in the new era, collagen and hyaluronic acid are added in a luxurious high content, and vitamins and minerals that are pleasing to beauty are also added. Finished into a pomegranate-flavored jelly that you can enjoy like a dessert.
"I can't be satisfied with just collagen and hyaluronic acid", "I can't stop feeling depressed with age"... It's Sunny Health's confident product that I would like people to try once.

[Beauty ingredients (per day)]
・Elastin: 75mg
・Collagen: 2500mg
・Hyaluronic acid: 120 mg
・Vitamin C: 100 mg
・Zinc: 6mg

[Contents] 15g/box (345g) 23g per 1
[Recommended amount] 1 bottle per day
[Calories] 1 piece 26kcal

[Raw materials]
Fish-derived collagen peptide (domestic production), reduced maltose starch syrup, pomegranate juice, reduced starch syrup, zinc-containing yeast, hyaluronic acid, bonito-derived elastin peptide, palatinose / acidulant, vitamin C, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide), fragrance , Syrup pigment, sweetener (sucralose), (gelatin is included in some of the raw materials)
* / After that, food additives

[Precautions for use]
・If you are allergic to food, please check the ingredients name before using.
・Please refrain from using if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under the age of 15.
・Do not consume more than the required amount daily.
・In rare cases, it may not fit your constitution. If you feel unwell after using the product, stop using it temporarily.
・If you are taking medicine or visiting the hospital, consult a doctor or specialist.
-Since it contains natural ingredients, color may vary from product to product, but there is no problem with quality.
・Be careful not to cut your fingers or mouth with the corners or opening of the bag.
-Because this product is elastic, be careful not to get it in your throat. Please enjoy by chewing well while pushing out the contents without sucking it directly.
-This product may melt at high temperatures. Also, do not heat the bag as it may be damaged.
・Consume immediately after opening the individual package.

[Precautions for storage]
・Please store away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
・Please keep out of reach of children.

Harisienne jure
/Quantity 1
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