Causes of obesity and countermeasures

5 causes of obesity

When "calorie intake" > "calorie consumption", the excess amount is converted to fat and accumulates, resulting in obesity.  

However, if there are some people who become obese by simply eating too much and exceeding their "calorie intake," if their basal metabolism is too low even if they eat too little, their "calorie intake" exceeds their "calorie consumption" and they tend to be obese.  
It seems that there are many types of "visceral fat type obesity", in which such people have a slender appearance but accumulate a lot of fat in their internal organs and blood.  
The causes of obesity differ from person to person, and the countermeasures for obesity also differ, but here are five causes.

The 5 causes!

1Over calorie intake

It is caused by excessive intake of calories, such as meat (animal protein), sweets, alcohol, etc., and eating at irregular times (after 8 pm).

2Decreased basal metabolism

In order to maintain life, the minimum amount of active energy, "basal metabolism," is said to be 1200 kcal on average for adults.
In other words, we consume about 1200 kcal of energy even when we are bedridden.
However, if basal metabolism declines for some reason, such as aging or lack of exercise, it creates a constitution that makes you easily overweight and lose weight.

3Lack of trace minerals due to dietary changes

Today, our daily lives are flooded with instant and delicious foods such as instant foods and frozen foods, and when we go outside, we are crowded with hamburgers and other fast-food restaurants.
These foods are deficient in micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, but instead are rich in fats and sugars.
In addition, it is considered that visceral fat type obesity is rapidly increasing with the westernization of dietary habits centered on meat.

4Constipation (chronic)

With chronic constipation, dregs containing excess fat and sugar stay in the large intestine for a long time and are reabsorbed into the body along with water.
In addition, it will become a “fecal flight” with dents such as uneven folds of the large intestine.
There are individual differences in the amount of stool, but it is said that many people have 5 to 7 kg of stool.

5Disorders of hormones and balance

All of us living in today's stressed society are more or less affected by stress.

One in two men and one in five women metabolize

Currently, about 60% of lifestyle-related diseases account for the cause of death, accounting for about 30% of national medical expenses.
Among lifestyle-related diseases, the number of people who have diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia, which are important risk factors for the development of heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, and their preparatory groups are increasing.
The proportion of those who are strongly suspected of metabolic syndrome, which is the stage before the onset, and those who are considered to be the preparatory group is high at 40 years old and over in both men and women, one in two men and one in five women It has reached the percentage of people.  
(From the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)

I suppose you only had the image of being hungry.
Obviously, obesity is the basis, but even though obesity does not mean that subcutaneous fat has increased, visceral fat has accumulated, and due to that, secretion of various hormones in the body is accelerated, The disease states that cause "hypertension", "diabetes", "lipid abnormalities", etc. are collectively called "metabolic syndrome".

The abdominal circumference (waist circumference) is used to check the degree of "visceral fat accumulation".
Abdominal circumference is measured at navel height.

If the size is 85 cm or more for men and 90 cm or more for women, it is estimated that the visceral fat area on an abdominal CT examination is 100 cm2 or more, and visceral fat is accumulated.
In other words, there is a type of obesity that accumulates fat around the internal organs.

The standard value for women in Japan is 90 cm or more, but it is 80 cm or more according to the International Diabetes Union standard, so it can be said that women can never feel relieved even if it is less than 90 cm.

What did you think?
Five factors have a great influence on "obesity".
Also, as the "metabolic syndrome" progresses, it becomes an irreversible situation that it becomes a lifestyle-related disease.
Therefore, there is a choice of "diet food" to improve lifestyle.

What is MICRODIET? Birth story


MICRODIET is an ideal calorie control food that is developed based on nutritional research and contains the necessary nutrients in a well-balanced manner. Its roots date back to the prestigious biochemical university of Surrey in England in 1983. Dr. J. Study, a doctor of nutrition, says, "Innovative VLCD (very low calorie, if your body contains enough nutrients, you can keep your daily calorie intake low)."・We developed MICRODIET based on the diet theory.  

It is no exaggeration to say that the diet situation in the world has changed completely from this day.
People who have been able to lose weight healthily with MICRODIET backed by a nutritional theory that can be healthy weight loss appeared one after another, and it was recognized by people all over the world as well as the UK, and quickly recognized as a typical diet food. It was
The golden nutritional balance, which has steadily achieved weight loss results in various countries, is truly the royal road to diet, unrivaled.


MICRODIET has been loved in Japan and has been a top brand for 30 years.

We are not delivering diet foods that are just for weight loss.
Through a safe and secure diet, we will thoroughly review our dietary habits and lifestyle habits, and we will provide a total diet program so that you will never get fat again.

Diet history that became a topic

A number of diet methods have been born and are disappearing, and 30 years have passed since the launch of MICRODIET. 
The real thing is not abolished, the real thing is surely inherited, the one and only diet food!
Sunny Health is a company that seeks ways to respond to each person's worries and continues to stay ahead of the curve by constantly providing the latest diet brands.

This site provides various information such as the latest diet research and affordable purchasing methods, as well as the features and functionality of the ever-evolving MICRODIET. If you have a little time, or want to check the correct diet method, we hope you can use this site at your own pace.

We, SunnyHealth, have established research institutes for the purpose of diet research and original development of characteristic components, and are collaborating with experts in various fields, specialized institutions and universities, as well as various NPO corporations and research We also support groups.

Therefore, in addition to being able to quickly obtain information on dieting, we are utilizing the obtained information for the development of MICRODIET.

How to use and make a MICRODIET

How to use MICRODIET in a day

MICRODIET is 183 kcal (drink type) and 280 kcal (risotto & pasta type, serial type) per serving.
If you try to eat the same amount of nutrients as MICRODIET with a normal diet, it will be about 1,200 kcal!
Replace one or two of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with MICRODIET. When to do it depends on your weight loss plan.

Of course, replacing 2 meals a day with MICRODIET reduces your calorie intake per day, which makes it easier for you to lose weight, but a sudden diet may cause rebounds, so initially change 1 meal a day to MICRODIET. We recommend you to watch and see how you replace 2 meals a day with MICRODIET. 

SunnyHealth recommends a reasonable diet by replacing 1 to 2 meals a day with a MICRODIET.

Recommended usage of MICRODIET

More than 1/3 of the nutrients required for one day, about 50 types of nutrients are combined.
Drink type is 183 Kcal per meal. Because it is rich in nutrients, you can diet healthy and beautifully.


How to make a MICRODIET

The basic method is to dissolve one meal of powder in a liquid and take it as a meal replacement for 1-2 meals a day.

How to make a drink type

  1. Add 350-400cc of water to a shaker (about 600cc).
  2. Open the MICRODIET seal and put the whole amount in a shaker.
  3. Close the shaker lid firmly and shake well.
    Once melted, it is ready.

*Please do not use the shaker when drinking hot.

How to make risotto & pasta

  1. Put hot water in a deep bowl (about 500cc) to warm it.
  2. When the bowl gets warm, throw away the hot water and add all the risotto and pasta to the bowl.
  3. Add all prepared boiling water (200-250cc) immediately after boiling and stir well with a spoon. For those who like firmness, try adjusting it in about 3-4 minutes, and for those who like a plump texture, try adjusting in about 6-7 minutes.
  4. When the risotto and pasta are fully returned, cut the soup and add the entire amount. If you stir it well, you are done.

How to make a serial type

  1. Add 200-250cc of water to a shaker (about 600cc)
  2. Unseal the drink and put all in a shaker.
  3. Close the shaker lid firmly and shake well.
  4. Put all the granola in the prepared vessel (about 500cc).
  5. Pour the drink prepared in 3) into a container to finish.

MICRODIET product list

Drink type

The best gourmet feeling in the history of a MICRODIET that is particular about the ingredients!

Drink type

A blend of three carefully selected cocoa powders from France, the Netherlands, and North America. Furthermore, cacao extract is added to create a rich cocoa flavor.


A unique blend of coffee from Brazil and Kona, Hawaii, plus coffee extract from dark roasted beans. The richness and aroma of freshly brewed tea stand out.

Milk tea

Uses crushed Assam tea leaves of the highest grade. The rich aroma of black tea extract and the mellowness of milk create a blissful harmony.


A skilled tea master blends tea leaves exclusively for MD. The authentic flavor is carefully stone-ground to bring out the flavor and sweetness, and the addition of gyokuro gives it a depth of flavor.


We use plenty of European strawberries with red flesh and a good balance of sourness and sweetness. This is a cup that will make your heart flutter with the refreshing taste of strawberry juice.

Berry mix

Carefully selected 12 types of berries from all over the world, including raspberries, blueberries, and elderberries! Refreshing deep sweet and sour berry flavor.


A blend of concentrated fresh Valencia orange juice and ``Ka no Shizuku'' from Fukuoka Prefecture. An adult orange flavor with exquisite sweetness and sourness.

Risotto & Pasta type

Volume that does not seem to be 280 kcal! Fans are rapidly increasing to rich Italian food!

Risotto & Pasta type
Beef curry

A carefully selected blend of 34 types of spices. Demi-glace powder has been added to create a mild and approachable taste.

Quattro cheese

A richly flavored dish made with four types of cheese, including Parmesan and Gorgonzola, and the richness of mushrooms.


A carbonara for adults that brings out the richness with the flavor of two types of cheese, egg yolk, and bacon, and uses porcini as a hidden flavor.


Add mascarpone cheese to reduce the acidity of the tomatoes. A luxurious dish with a mellow tomato sauce mixed with penne.

Golden ratio of selected raw materials and nutrients

MICRODIET is a calorie control food boasting a golden nutritional balance based on nutrition theory

The nutrients equivalent to a meal of about 1,200 kcal are packed with 183 kcal on a MICRODIET.
About 50 kinds of nutrients are included in a MICRODIET with only 183 kcal per serving!
The most important feature is that it contains this nutrient, which is difficult to supplement perfectly even in a normal diet.
In addition to the number, the important thing is the mixing ratio of nutrients. We have decided by considering the blending ratio for each nutrient to work optimally. This is the nutritional ratio and nutritional value of MICRODIET only.

Introducing the major features of the MICRODIET!

Since it's an important thing to make your body, we thoroughly stick to the invisible parts.


More than 1/3 of the nutrients required for one day, about 50 types of nutrients are combined.
Drink type is 183 Kcal per meal. Rich in nutrients, you can healthy and beautiful diet


Contains milk protein and soy protein in good balance.
We select proteins that are purer and have less impurities than in the world, and are particular about not only nutrition but also flavor.
In addition, the amino acid score is 100, which helps to balance the essential amino acids and make the body easy to diet.

3Vitamins and minerals

In addition to being labeled on the box, MICRODIET contains various nutrients such as vitamin K and zinc that are necessary for maintaining physical health.

4Dietary fiber

Since it contains water-soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber, it not only maintains a feeling of fullness but also prepares your stomach.

5Feeling full

Contains not only dietary fiber but also potato-derived satiety ingredient "Potato protein". It is an essential ingredient for continuing a diet.


Although it is a diet food, we are thoroughly particular about its deliciousness.
Using carefully selected fruit juices and ingredients, trial and tasting is repeated to improve the taste.
You can enjoy not only delicious cold but also hot.

Sales record, adoption record at specialized institutions

What is the reason for choosing No.1 diet food "MICRODIET"? Search for the source of "3 No. 1"!

Thanks to the MICRODIET, the diet food division has been No. 1 for 10 consecutive years!
In order to continue being selected, repeaters and new users should not increase unless it is a good product.
Why is MICRODIET able to win No.1 for many years?As a person who handles MICRODIET, I checked the actual situation.
First, let's review what kind of No. 1 MICRODIET has acquired.
Since it's an important thing to make your body, we thoroughly stick to the invisible parts.

Diet Food Department No.1 for 10 consecutive years* (Fuji Keizai Research)

It has been ranked No. 1 for 10 consecutive years in the survey of the reliable economic magazine "Fuji Keizai".
*Fuji Keizai 2002-2011 manufacturer results (according to December 2012 survey)
"HB Foods Handbook for Function-oriented Foods" (Health Food Division, Diet Category)

No. 1 diet food selected by 100 nutritionists!*

The amino acid score is 100, so you can eat all the essential amino acids without being overwhelmed.In a survey conducted by Trend Research Institute in June 2011, 100 dieticians and registered dietitians conducted a major diet shake comparison, they were delicious, nutritious, and satisfying. In all items such as degree, 7 crowns, overwhelming 1st place won!
* "Survey on diet"... Survey organization: Trend Research Institute / Survey and monitoring period: June 15 to June 24, 2011
Survey target: 100 women aged 23 to 62 who have a license from a dietitian or registered dietitian / Survey method: Internet dietary survey

The No. 1 diet food selected by 100 food analysts!*

When 100 food wise men food analysts held a fair review of really delicious diet foods, the MICRODIET was chosen.
* "Survey on food analysts"... Surveying agency: Planning For You Co., Ltd. / Survey cooperation: Japan Food Analyst Association
Survey period: January 31, 2012 / Survey target: 100 food analysts / Survey method: Venue group survey (CLT)

Sales of MICRODIET in 41 countries around the world (*1)

In Japan, it has been used by over 3.8 million people, and the total number of sales has exceeded 200 million! (*2)
※1)* List of MICRODIET sales countries (41 countries / as of December 2014)Click here
*2) As of August 1995 to July 2012 (in-house survey)

We continue to sell long as a diet that has a high level of safety and reliability.
In addition, the excellent nutritional value and safety of MICRODIET have been highly evaluated by specialized organizations in Japan and overseas.

It has been adopted by more than 1,000 specialized institutions in Japan (*3) and has earned a great deal of trust.
*3) Employment records at specialized institutions (partial excerpt)Click here

The health food like this is unique.
It has also received a lot of attention at international conferences.

The material know-how that has been developed for more than 29 years and has been improved after the improvement, and has been seeking high quality regarding the safety of the raw materials for various nutritional ingredients is very different.
Many of these achievements have led to high reliability for our customers.

R&D system

R&D that gave birth to MICRODIET, what is its true appearance

We perform a strict check based on the building management standards. We also carefully select only high quality raw materials from all over the world. Not only the basic protein, but also the feeling of hunger, the fruits and cacao powder that determine the taste are carefully selected. We repeated trial and tasting more than 1,000 times to develop one taste, and we are improving it so that we can work on a delicious and enjoyable diet. We are promoting product development while checking the combination and compatibility of raw materials one by one.

No compromise is allowed in all of its quality.

Product Planning and Development Department Manager Toshifumi Katsuragi

The taste and ingredients of MICRODIET are still being researched, and they have evolved a lot more than they were 20 years ago. For example, when developing new flavors such as drink types, we carefully select thousands of ingredients that travel around the world. Furthermore, the flavor and ingredients continue to evolve, with the ingredients of interest being added quickly.
In addition, MICRODIET has some nutritional ingredients that are not listed on the ingredient label so that it will not be copied by other companies.
This ratio is also a trade secret. No other product of the same quality can be made. Even in manufacturing, we deliver safe and secure products with no management standards. 

MICRODIETO is born in a large network.

Do you have an image of research and development as a top-secret project being conducted in secret?
The research and development of MICRODIET was not limited to that.
In addition to collaborating with various specialists and medical universities, we also support various NPOs and research groups. 
As a result, it is possible to get the latest diet research information quickly and reflect it in the renewal of the MICRODIET!
This network is the driving force behind the ongoing MICRODIET.