Harisienne Tsubu 4pack set
Harisienne Tsubu 4pack set
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Harisienne Tsubu 4pack set

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With elastic component elastin, you can enjoy a bouncy life full of tension!

"Collagen and hyaluronic acid alone do not provide a satisfying feeling..." This is a new concept beauty supplement that you should try.
In addition to collagen and hyaluronic acid, a rich blend of elastic component "Elastin", which is in the spotlight as a new-age beauty ingredient.
Elastin is a protein fiber that has elasticity in itself, and is an essential component for maintaining the elasticity of tissues. "Harigen Tsubu" is a beauty supplement aiming for a one-stage experience that could not be achieved with collagen and hyaluronic acid alone. Please experience an unprecedented feeling of realism.

[Beauty ingredients (per 4 tablets per day)]
・Elastin: 75 mg
・Collagen: 750mg
・Hyaluronic acid: 36 mg

[Contents] 124 tablets (34.72g)/bag
[Recommended amount] 4 tablets per day (31 days worth)
[Calories] 4.18kcal per 4 tablets per day

[Raw materials]
Fish-derived collagen peptide (domestic production), reduced maltose starch syrup, bonito-derived elastin peptide, hyaluronic acid / fine silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, shellac, carnauba wax, (some containing gelatin)
* / After that, food additives

[Precautions for use]
・Avoid taking more than necessary and follow the recommended daily intake.
・If you are allergic to food, please check the ingredients name before using. -Since it contains natural ingredients, there may be variations in color and color for each product, but there is no problem with quality.
・Consume as soon as possible after opening, regardless of expiration date.
・Please refrain from using by persons under 15 years old, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
・If you are suffering from a disease, please consult your doctor. If you are taking any medicines, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
・If you feel unwell, please discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.

[Precautions for storage]
・Store out of high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.
・Please keep out of reach of children.

Harisienne Tsubu 4pack set
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